SEO Competitors
The method to quickly discover your SEO competitors
Our robots make millions of searches in search engines and record, which websites and pages were found in their results. Then we calculate many different metrics, including those which allow to discover, what other websites are most frequently found in search results for the same keywords. Of course, different websites only rarely appear in searches for the exact same list of keywords. Much more often keyword lists of websites intersect. And data on the extent of this intersection between keyword sets of each website is the most valuable part of this report.
What data is included in this report?
The block of a website's advertising activity parameters:
The next block of parameters provides information on monetization systems, found on the website. We've described it on a separate page.
What is similarity and topicality?
A bit more details on Similarity and Topicality. Let's examine these two parameters using an example.

Imagine website, its pages are ranked in Top 50, for example, for 1000 footwear-related keywords. There is also website, ranking in Top 50 for 990 of keywords used by, therefore its topicality is 99% (for 99% of keywords used by, also will be in search results). We've added the similarity parameter to filter out exactly such cases, as has 777 keywords, therefore similarity between and will be very small (990 / (777,000/100)). This parameter allows to easily isolate websites which only appear to be similar.

Now let's imagine yet another website,, which broadcasts its advertising for 1400 keywords, and these keywords also are footwear-related. Of 1400 of keywords used by 700 intersect with keywords used by 700 (i.e. search results for 700 keywords will include ads from both websites). Therefore its topicality will be 70% (700/(1000/100)), and similarity – 50% (700 / (1400/100)).

By using these two parameters together you can quite accurately distinguish website competing with your own.
How to use this data?
The report on competitors is one of the most useful reports, besides maybe the report on actual keywords. This report allows you to quickly figure out what websites are present on the web, and most likely to find previously unnoticed competitors. Generally this report is a starting point for further work – getting lists of ads and keywords of websites, making group reports, preparing for further work on your semantic kernel and content marketing plans, and so on.
Website already launched?
If you've already launched your own website, by making a list of competitors you would be able to analyze distinguishing features of different projects, and see what sections of their websites have no equivalents in your own project. By looking into a report on pages of your competitor websites that we've found, you will be able to see, which documents receive most visits.

You would be able to evaluate the search results state of your own website and compare it to your competitors' positions. For example, if the advertising campaign of your direct competitor (a website with high similarity and topicality) has more keywords in Top 50 or higher visibility, your website clearly has room for growth, and you only need to find where to apply your efforts.

Abundance of competitors with high visibility is a huge competitive advantage, as thanks to them you will be able to quickly build up the best semantic kernel on your topic, and greatly increase amount of visits to your project.
Preparing to launch a website?
If you're preparing a new website, then a detailed report on any website from your selected niche will allow you to figure out how many competitors are represented in search results, what is this niche's potential for growth, and what projects are leaders in it. If you see many websites with high numbers of keywords in Top 50 or high visibility, you can start working on this niche without fear, as a big project can be created for it.

By analyzing your competitor's website, whether it is an informational or commercial project, you would be able to find information on previously unknown competitors or confirm your excellent knowledge of your niche and correct choice of reference points for analysis.
Evaluate a website's prospects
If you're analyzing a website for potential purchase, presence or absence of noticeable competitors, with large number of keywords in Top 50, allows you to quickly evaluate that website's growth potential. A website that is already the absolute leader by keyword coverage is unlikely to be quickly developed further with content marketing. But if a project has a large number of competitor websites with high number of top-ranking keywords, creating a content promotion plan would be much simpler.
The block of a website's advertising activity parameters: