Website analysis
Website Comparison
The fast method of comparing several websites with each other
Website comparison is a very useful tool, allowing to create a graphic comparison of several websites with a couple of clicks. Specify 2 or more websites in its form and get a report.
The first, header part of the report will visually represent intersection between those websites. This presentation is divided into two blocks: "SEO" and "PPC"
Main parameters of the specified websites also will be represented as numbers:
This data is useful in itself, but the mechanism of getting keywords from intersections between sets of keywords of websites included in a report opens particularly interesting possibilities. For example, you can view all keywords present on one website and absent from another, or view their list of shared keywords. If a report includes more than two websites, you can subtract or add keywords from any website in the report.
With our visual chart or by using switches in the table you can specify websites which keywords should be included in your report, and websites which keywords should be excluded. After that you can get PPC or SEO keywords which meet criteria you set.
Which data will be provided in a resulting report?
This report provides the following data on keywords:
How to use this data?
Find keywords of your competitors
If you want to improve SEO results of your website, select one or more of your competitors, and set "Do not include" for your website in the "website keys" column, this informs the system that keywords for which your website is ranked in Top 50 should not be displayed. For your competitor website set the switch to "Include" – keywords of your competitors are what you need. Click the "Keywords in searches" button.

The resulting report will show you keywords for which your competitor ranks in Top 50, while your own website is absent from search results. Study that list, surely some keywords should be noted and included into your content promotion plan.
Enhance your advertising campaign
And if you want to promote your website through PPC advertising click the "Keywords in PPC" button. This will give you keywords for which your competitor is advertised and you aren't. Analyze phrases you got, surely among them you can find keywords which will enhance your advertising campaign.
Analyze your advertising campaign
You can also perform a reverse analysis – check for which keywords your website is represented and your competitor website isn't. If your competitors hold strong positions in PPC, such report may show you keywords for which the best option is to stop showing ads, to save budget on garbage clicks.