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List of website pages as a tree-like structure
The method of quickly collecting keywords by section
Many websites have a tree-like structure, with materials and pages on the same topics combined into sections, which names are usually included into URLs. For example, pages of products from the same category often have common blocks in their URL-addresses, such as and
This allows to keep a website's address structure orderly, which is convenient for both administrators and users.

We've developed a tool which can display a list of website pages as a tree-like structure.
The main method of using this report is getting a list of keywords not from a single page, but from a whole section of the website. For example, you can select the /krovati node and see keywords from both pages of our example. Now you can work more boldly with big sites and large directories – just select a section you need, and all keywords of pages from that section will be available.
Above this tree there is a gear icon. By clicking it you can specify, what summary data shall be displayed for nodes. This data can include numbers of keywords in Top 1, Top 3, Top 50 and estimated numbers of visits.

Immediately behind a section's part in the path, in brackets you can see a number of nested items (subfolders and pages) on all levels. On the right you can see an area containing summary data, by default it displays a number of keywords in Top 50.
You can also filter URL-addresses by substrings included in them, you can do so through the field, located above the tree itself.

In a report's right part you can see an active node's list of keywords. Here, as with the rest of the system, you can filter and sort them, copy values to clipboard, or download in the .csv format.