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Supplementary tools
Expanding Dictionary by Page
The tool allowing to find keywords you lack
Search engines devote a lot of attention to volume of your vocabulary. With each day the average keyword length grows, which means that keywords include more and more auxiliary words. Presence of such words in a page's text itself makes the document much more relevant.

We've prepared the tool which picks keywords suitable for a page, checks whether words from them are present in a document's text, and shows you a list of words which aren't present.

Adding these words to the text should improve rankings of your page for keywords being analyzed, and, will certainly reveal new layers of related keywords from the "long tail".
Getting started
Specify address of a website page that needs analysis.

After you click the "Process" button, our system will analyze keywords by which this page is ranked and check whether each word is present in the page's text.

The "Deep analysis" option will add keywords from competing pages to the report.
Result of processing
Results shall be presented as a summary table, consisting of two tables:
The first table shows unique words, which were found on the website page, the second table shows those which weren't found. We recommend, if possible, add these words to the page's text, this should ensure improvement of its position in search engines' results.
In the upper and lower part of each table there are buttons for downloading results as a .csv file and copying words to the clipboard.

We hope you'd like using our tool!