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Competitors' share by keyword
The tool that allows to determine your competitor's share in the top search results
Sometimes it is important to understand who your actual competitors are in a niche or its narrow segment. Generally this can be achieved with reports on a website's competitors or a specific page's competitors, but sometimes these reports cannot be used or are very inconvenient to use.
An excellent example of such case is a narrow segment within a niche, or a situation when there are large, diversified players operating within your niche. For example, your organization sells laminated and parquet flooring, but a significant part of your competitors are network hardware stores that sell a very broad spectrum of products, including laminated and parquet flooring, but not limited to them.

How to find what portion of visits is claimed by Leroy Merlin's website, for what volume of keywords they are on top of search results? Our tool answers these exact questions.
If you already have a list of keywords by which you promote your website or intend to do so, you can employ the "Competitors' share by keyword" tool.

Just specify a list of keywords, and on the next step you will get a full list of websites, which are being promoted in SEO or found in PPC, for any of these keywords.

Data is sorted by domain, with pie charts, displaying how main players share keyword volume between them.
What data is included in this report?
In organic searches
In PPC advertising