Supplementary tools
Mass inspection of keywords
This tool allows to instantly create a summary table with all data on a specified keyword
Need to check search volume of a large number of keywords often arises. Of course, better and more accurate results can be achieved by using primary data sources – Wordstat and Google Keyword Planner.

But sometimes speed is important enough to accept small degrees of inaccuracy. Just for such cases we've prepared the tool for mass inspection of keywords.

Simply specify a list of keywords and the system will instantly produce their search volume in two formats, number of words per keyword, number of documents and ads in search results.
All the parameters collecting which normally takes hours of parsing will become available in seconds!
As we take data from our database, such analysis is only possible for keywords known to our system. That's more than 200 millions of keywords, but keywords unknown to us will be ignored.
We hope you'd like using our tool!