User Agreement

To make sure everything is done by the rules – terms of service

Cherobaev D.S., self-employed entrepreneur, referred as "" hereinafter, as the first party, publishes these Terms, which are a public offer to provide access to website and other related services. This Agreement can be entered into by Cherobaev D.S., self-employed entrepreneur, and any individual or legal entity.

Cherobaev D.S., self-employed entrepreneur, can change these conditions without prior notice or approval. The current version of the offer is always available at

Please peruse these terms, as any use of website means full acceptance of conditions of this public offer.

1. Terms and definitions

  • These terms are used with the following meanings:
  • – the website located in Internet at, or any other address in domain.
  • User (Client) – an individual and/or legal entity that accepted conditions of this offer and/or uses
  • Service – access to functionality of for a specified period, according to our Pricing plans and conditions of this offer.
  • Account (User account) – a unique user account in, allowing a registered User to access all of the functions available to it.
  • Pricing plan – a functionality set, provided to a User for a period that the User has paid for.
  • IP-адрес – unique network address of a node, from which a User connects to

2. Main provisions

2.1. provides Users access to data of website on the basis of paid subscription.

2.2. A User understands and agrees that takes no responsibility for anything that may happen to messages sent to the User (their failure to arrive on time, deletion, incorrect delivery or impossibility of storing them) or the User's personal settings.

2.3. The User bears responsibility for accessing and understands that use of may involve being charged by third parties (for example, for Internet provider services). The User alone is fully responsible for these expenditures. In addition, the User alone is responsible for all hardware, necessary for the User to access the Service.

3. Service fees and accounting

3.1. Cost of the Service is determined according to their Pricing Plans, which can be found at:

3.2. retains the right to change Pricing Plans at any time on a unilateral basis.

3.3. The Client must pay in advance for access to the Service.

3.4. The date when the Contractor starts providing the Service is the date when functionality of is enabled for a specified period (or that period is extended).

3.5. Within five business day from the moment when provision of Services (access to functionality of for a specified period, according to our Pricing plans and conditions of this offer) started, generates a unilateral Act on services provided, according to pricing of these services.

3.5. Services shall be considered to be provided in a proper manner and accepted by User as specified by the Act, if within five business days from issuing the Act received no reasonable objections in writing from the Client.

3.6. After the period specified above (five business days) expires, the User's objections regarding any faults of the Services, including their quantity (volume), price and quality shall not be accepted.

3.7. Expenditures of the Client’s bank including the banking commission for transferring the Client’s funds according to this Agreement, remain with the User.

4. Terms of service

4.1. Registration in is performed by the Client, through providing his Credentials on the registration page: Clients are identified in by their e-mail address and password, specified during registration (their credentials).

4.2. The Contractor will not recover any e-mail address or password used by the Client to access Password recovery should be performed by the Client without assistance.

4.3. The Client bears full responsibility for any actions and/or inaction which resulted in disclosure, loss, theft, etc of his credentials and other information personalizing the Client, as well as for any actions and/or inaction of third parties, using the Client’s credentials. The Contractor bears no responsibility for above-listed actions of the Client and/or of third parties, using the the Client’s credentials.

4.4. Taking any actions, aimed at getting unauthorized access to resources of servers, credentials and other data of other Clients in the process of using is prohibited.

4.5. The Client shall only use the Service for lawful purposes and in lawful ways, taking into account laws of the Russian Federation, European Union and USA.

4.6. The Client agrees that he will inflict to harm to the shell program, hardware and software tools, and net nodes of Service and third parties.

4.7. The Client agrees that he will respect copyright to software and software documentation, provided by and/or third parties.

4.8. The Client agrees that he will not provide his Credentials to any third parties.

5. Forbidden acts

5.1. Users of are forbidden from entering for analysis keywords and domains with pornographic content; with descriptions of goods and services banned in the Russian Federation; or information inciting religious conflicts.

5.2. In case of finding that such keywords or domains are associated with an Account, the Service shall have the right to immediately and irreversibly block that User account.

6. Account blocking

6.1. reserves the right to block an Account in the following situations:

  • The User sends more than 1 query to functional pages per 5 seconds for 30 seconds;
  • The same Account is used to operate the Service from more than four IP-addresses within 3 days;
  • The same Account is used to operate the Service from two or more IP-addresses simultaneously;
  • The same Account is used to operate the Service from two or more browsers simultaneously.

7. Privacy

7.1. Any private or publicly available information that the User sends to is considered confidential. No data will be transferred, sold, or shared with third parties. do not aggregate or collect any data on Users, except for their User account data.

7.2. The User enters all payments information on pages of payment systems and settlement aggregators, this information is not transferred to or processed on, and the Contractor bears no responsibility for security of such data.

8. Validity period and termination

8.1. This Agreement shall come into force when the User registers in or begins to use the website, and remains valid until deletion of the User account on

8.2. To delete his Account, the User need to write a e-mail message, with a demand to remove it, to [email protected]

9. Acts of providence

9.1. None of the parties will bear responsibility for delays or failure to fulfill any of responsibilities according to this Agreement, except for payment responsibilities, if such delays or failures are caused by circumstances beyond the control of the corresponding Party, including natural disasters, wars, terrorist attacks, civil disorder, labor disputes, etc.

10. Other terms

10.1. The User shall use at one's own risk. The Service's functionality shall be provided "as is" and "to the extent reasonably practical". The Service, its employees, partners and licensees unambiguously disclaim all warranties.

10.2., its employees and partners, disclaim responsibility for:

  • meeting the User's requirements;
  • operating continuously, swiftly, reliably and without errors;
  • Accuracy and reliability of data collected by using;
  • Quality of any products, services and information, which were found through interactions with, meeting the User's expectations.
  • Any errors in software can be and will be fixed.

10.3. The Service has no liability to the User for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, mediate losses, including, but not limited to, revenue, image, information losses, and other financial losses.

Banking details

Cherobaev Dmitry Sergeyevich, self-employed entrepreneur

Legal address: 195273, St. Petersburg, Rustaveli Street, 24-8

Visiting address: 195273, St. Petersburg, Piskaryovskiy Avenue, 63-А, office 643

Settlement account # 40802810302890008620 in OAO AKB "Avangard"

Corresponding account # 30101810000000000201

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