System reports
Keyword Summary
Information about a keyword in system
Our system initiates searches for millions of keywords in search engines, saves results and analyses them. Yandex or Google can tell you which websites will respond to your keyword. We, however, work in reverse: can tells you to which keywords a website responds.

Data on keywords can be very useful if you wish to develop your website or work with your advertising campaign. We do a lot of work, write huge amounts of code, and analyze humongous amounts of information to maximally simplify your work with keywords, ads and semantic kernels.
Data summary for a keyword – one of the main reports in our system. In it you can look at any keyword through the eyes of our system.
Keyword summary
The upper part displays the most important parameters
Base search volume
Our web robots check keywords through service and save received values into our database. Base search volume is a search volume without use of any special operators, i.e. broad search volume. Literally this means a number of times per month this keyword appeared in search results, according to Yandex's data. We update information on search volume bi-yearly, in spring and autumn, to avoid the most significant seasonal fluctuations.
"[!Exact !search !volume]"
Search volume in the format where number of words in a keyword, their word forms, and order are specific and fixed. I.e. "[!this !exact !keyword !form]". This data is very important, as it allows to filter irrelevant keywords. Most services do not check this data, as checking them is much more expensive compared to checking broad and precise (only specified words, but in any order and form) search volume.
Date of checking
Date on which search results for this keyword were checked and results approximately for that date are displayed below in our summary.
The "Top placement" block
This block provides information about keywords from search results found in top placement positions – above organic search results.

For each position its ad header, ad text, ad quick links, ad-related facts, and the domain promoted by this ad are specified. Also against each position its CTR forecast, cost per click and amount being charged are specified. This data is taken from the "Budget forecasting" tool of Yandex.Direct for Russian databases and from Google Keyplaner for anothers.
The "Bottom placement" block
This block is similar to the "Top placement" block, except it provides data for ads and positions in the block below organic search results ("Guaranteed impressions" according to Yandex.Direct's terminology).
The Organic block
This block provides information on the state of organic search results at the moment of checkout. The table in it provides the following data:
The "Complementary keywords" block
Out system can determine phrases very similar to an original keyword. This information is very useful, it will come in handy if you need to expand your semantic kernel or advertising campaign, find synonyms or similar terms.
This block provides the following data:
In the lower part of this block there is a link for navigating to the full version of the "Complementary keywords" report.