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Search Engine Optimization
SEO Page Keywords
The method of quickly collecting keywords
Our web robots make millions of searches in search engines and record results in our databases. For the Yandex:Moscow database we make 100,000,000 searches in Yandex, 200,000,000 searchs for Google USA and save results so that we can show them to users of This report displays keywords, using which our system found a specific page from a website being analyzed among the first 50 search results. I.e., keywords for which the website being analyzed gets visits.

This report is similar to the "SEO website keywords", except that data in it is filtered by a specific website page, instead of its domain.
What data is included in this report?
How to use this data?
Improve your website
If you're analyzing your own website, the first thing you need to do is to take a look at keywords at positions from 11 to 20. Set the appropriate filter, and you will see keywords from the second page of search results.

Then sort data by exact search volume, and you will get nothing short of a manual for improving the text of the page you're analyzing. Add 1-2 instances of them to the page's text or title, wait for reindexing, and its position most likely would improve. Working on user convenience also pays off. Maybe you should add some blocks, so that users will have easier time finding responses to those keywords which ended up on the second page of search results?

Such pinpoint improvements practically always provide huge gains, and you will soon see results, as your document is already close to a precious position in Top 10. You can similarly attempt to get it into Top 3 or Top 5. The highest positions in search results draw the most visits, after all.