Supplementary tools
Highlighting Unique Words
The tool allowing to find unique words in a list of keywords
Finding and highlighting unique words is a fairly common task. For example, when you seek directions for further keyword collection, it may be useful to look at a list of words in your keywords, to find those that hadn't been processed yet. But the most common use of this function is creating a negative keyword list for your advertising campaign.
Getting started
Specify a list of keywords for processing. Each keyword in a new row. We recommend processing no more than 100,000 phrases in one go.

After you click the "Process" button, the system will separate text into individual words, normalize them and prepare a report.
Result of processing
Results shall be presented as a summary table, consisting of five columns:
The first column specifies a unique word, the second – word forms used in specified keywords, the third – number of matches for that word (in all of its forms) in the entire keyword list. The fourth column is a keyword example, by clicking the plus character there you will open the element containing all keywords with this word.
The last fifth column has the button from deleting words from the list. So, you can go through the entire list and delete words that are related to your topic or generic. This will leave only phrases which can be used as negative keywords for your advertising campaign in the list.

And if you delete words that you don't need, remainder of the list will become a core for your advertising campaign, based on which you can expand your list of keywords.
List management
Above the list of words you can find the panel for mass deletion, selection of columns for export and control buttons.
You can configure a filter and delete en masse all keywords with quantity of matches above or below a certain number.

In the lower part of the panel there is the link for downloading results as a .csv file (with a configurable set of fields) and the button for copying root word forms to the clipboard.

We hope you'd like using our tool!