Supplementary tools
Complementary Keywords
The method for quick expansion of your keyword and key phrase list
Often synonyms need to be found not for a single word, but for phrase. This may be necessary to expand a semantic kernel or to increase coverage of an advertising campaign.

How to quickly find phrases synonymous in meaning or thematically close to your original keyword? The "Complementary keywords" tool is intended exactly for this.
To get started, you have to specify an original keyword, after you click "Analyze" the system will select keywords closely connected to it.
What data is included in this report?
Our system measures similarity of words using data on search results. Our algorithm calculates how many identical documents end up in search results for two different keywords, and where they are positioned. Based on collected statistics, the degree of similarity between phrases is calculated.

This table provides the following data:
This tool is integrated into the Keywords buildup tool.