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Domain report
Group report
118 379 582Keywords
10 054 879Websites analyzed
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What we offer

The huge keyword base
118 379 582 keywords
Certainly, database size should be the main parameter by which services like ours are compared with each other. It's simple – if a service knows only 5 or 10 millions of keywords, it can only recommend keywords from that set. But our database covers more than 200 millions of keywords. Try to compare visibility of websites in our service and in any other, most likely the difference would surprise you.
Keywords quality
Keywords from metrics and prompts, wordstat checked for all.
More than 600 millions of keywords were scanned. Cream of the crop of the Internet. Duplicates were cleared out, only the most probable form was left from each group of inexact duplicates, all keywords with yearly search volume below 10 were deleted. We did our best to make our database as clear as possible, more than 200 millions of keywords remained after all checks, and we have analyzed each of them.
Group reports
Any number of domains in a report
This is simply magical. Using this tool, you can collect all even slightly notable keywords for a specific topic, view the full list of your competitors, and understand, how visible your website is in its niche. You can enter 2, 5, 10 and even 40 competitor websites into our service, and you will get a full report on these domains – all keywords for which at least one of these domains appears in Top 50. In such report you can easily see more prominent keywords (more competitors will be using them) and more prominent competitor websites.
Ideas for new websites
Around 40 000 000 websites were scanned
Open any notable website at random, and most likely it won't be the only project of its owner. Most likely our crawlers found connections between those domains. Take a look at websites made by different publishers, at the numbers of keywords they cover, at estimated number of visits, and simply at websites themselves – you will find a boundless source of information about new niches and directions for development. You can personally dig for nuggets of gold in different topics, or you can spend 1 minute to see which competitor websites are particularly successful, and make your conclusions on that basis.

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